In spite of all the safety restrictions that regulate construction sites, construction work is still one of the most dangerous professions in the Boston metropolitan area. Stanzler Levine has significant experience handling personal injury cases related to construction site accidents in Massachusetts. We are known for taking on difficult cases and satisfying the needs of our clients and their families.

Our attorneys have significant experience handling a variety of worksite injury claims including:

-Scaffolding Failures
-Inadequate Fall Protection
-Electrical Accidents
-Trenching and Excavation Accidents
-Crane Accidents
-Falling Debris
-Unsafe and Defective Equipment
-Welding Accidents
-Compressed Gas Accidents
-Flammable Material Accidents
-Contact with Toxins
-Trucking Accidents

With the increase in construction projects throughout Massachusetts, construction site injuries are on the rise. Construction companies are responsible for maintaining a safe work environment and providing employees with training regarding the safety and the proper use of safety equipment. When construction company owners, insurance companies, and equipment manufacturers fail to safeguard against routine safety measures, they can be held responsible for construction site accidents.